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29 December 2005 @ 07:55 pm
Today I got a Viking Designer I embroidery/sewing machine!

This machine has been on my "wishful thinking" list (one step removed from my "wishlist") for some time, but especially since I had a chance to test drive Lisa's while making myself this jacket earlier this fall. I never thought I'd be able to get one this soon; I'm still reeling!

My Viking dealer, Donna, is really good about emailing sales notices, and my habit has always been to drop by and see if there are any good deals on trade-up machines (since the Designer SE came out, they usually have one or two used Designer I's looking for new homes). But even a used Designer was always way out of my league, until now!

My new Designer is less than a year old and has less than 12 hours of use on it. They were holding it back for another customer, but that person had just backed out of the deal before I stopped by the store last night. The sale price was the lowest I have ever seen by several hundred dollars, and equal to the sale price of a lower-end machine Scott and I had previously considered! When Donna suggested I sell my Platinum, I knew we had entered the realm of affordable. Scott agreed and we called first thing this morning to let her know we were coming in (a good thing, too; there was already another interested customer). A funny side note: By the time we arrived, Donna had specifically set up a test drive for Scott... which he had predicted she would on the drive over!

In the end, Donna hooked us up with a new mega-hoop and 1/4" piecing foot (to replace the ones that were missing from the previous owner) and swapped out various pieces and parts (like the case and embroidery unit) for better ones she had in stock. I love my dealer. :) We also get all the same benefits as buying a brand new machine, including warranties and the option to trade-in anytime during the first year for the full value of what we paid.

I foresee whole new dimensions to wardrobe and costuming in my future!
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